C Major Pentascale Practice


In this video I demonstrate playing through all of the C Major modes using Pentascales and limiting myself to just the A and D strings.


Breaking your scales up into cells, or smaller pieces is a great way to practice them. It also helps you to get away from thinking of these as just patterns. The idea is pretty simple you just play the first five notes of C Major mode, then shift the next mode, Dorian in this case, and you descend down that pattern.


Here is the music notation with the tab which should help you to see how we are keeping everything on just these two strings.


After you get these down on the A and D strings, you will want to move onto the D and G strings and practice your pentascales using those two strings.


Finally once you get that down then you want to work through this on the E and A strings.

If you play a five string bass work through these with the B and E string and if you have a seven string figure these out with the G and C strings


Once you get these down in C Major then you will want to extend them to the full range of your instrument staying in C major. Once you have that down then you should work on being able to play these in all twelve keys.

Hope you enjoy these Practice ideas...

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