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Personalized coaching designed to amplify your skills, streamline your creative process, and unlock the kind of musical mastery you’ve always desired.

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If you’ve got a passion for rich, groovy bass and just a few hours per week to dive into your untapped musical potential, then I can turn you into a certified bass playing boss the fast way.

With personalized coaching and lessons, you can discover…

  • Rapid improvements in any and all areas of your bass playing – even if you’ve been stuck for months (or years)
  • Unparalleled confidence in your musical abilities as you continue to improve on a daily basis
  • A much deeper understanding of the complex musical theories that help translate your creativity into epic solos and compositions
  • Insight into the easily-overlooked elements that transform basic bass players into musical masters

...and the guidance of a professional bass player who has taught other professional bass players – not to mention over three decades of playing, practicing, and learning the bass myself.

I’ve taught hundreds of extraordinary bass players…

Each one started out just like you

"Taking private lessons from Earnest has, without a doubt, made me the bass player I am today. From the very beginning, his patience, and passion for teaching has led me all the way to pursuing a degree in music at California Institute of the Arts. His methods and techniques I use in my everyday experience in the music industry. Earnest sets his students up for success at any level his students want to achieve."

Michael Maschmann

"My son began private bass lessons with Earnest in middle school. Not only did he achieve technical competence but also had a good knowledge of theory and composition by the time he applied to college. My son went to Berklee College of Music and is now a performing musician traveling the world. Earnest gave him more that the fundamentals to help him achieve his musical goal. I am an appreciative parent."

Mindy Surdacki

"Earnest's method of instruction helped me become an all around better musician. He understands music theory and how the bass related to and enhances the other instruments are just as important as technical aptitude. Having such a well rounded musical foundation centered around the bass opened the door for me to become a professional musician."

Jesse Thompson

"I am very happy with the Complete Bass Player Course and highly recommend it! The books and tutorials are wll planned and provide a range of activities for all kinds of students. The Complete Bass Player Course has helped me to continue to improve my bass skills at a very reasonable cost. It also provides me with opportunities for personal online consultation with Earnest. It is really the next best thing to having Earnest in the studio with me for personal instruction!"

Tim Tolson

"I am a gutarist learnign to play Bass and have found The Complete Bass Player Course to be an outstanding resource. It is well laid out and covers everything form bass lines in all styles to theory. It is great having the backing tracks to play along with."

Matt Lorenz

Two Ways To Learn

4 X 30-Minute Lessons

1-On-1 Tune Ups (30 mins)

Fine tune your existing skills and accelerate your musical progress with a 30 minute session pack designed to develop your skills and boost your confidence with unmatched efficiency.

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4 X 60 Minute Lessons
1-On-1 Deep Dives (1hr)

Slash your learning time in half with this pack of hour-long intensive lessons carefully crafted to meet your unique bass playing needs and help you reach your goals fast.

Flexible scheduling. Customized for you.

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